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It's not what you know...It's what you don't know.

A Veteran Owned Business

Servicing independent retail and long-term care pharmacies


Our consulting services will put together a personalized purchase program that regulate your buying trends, saving you time and money.

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Cheapest prices. Free to use. Easy to setup. Leverage our strategic partnerships to get the best prices in the industry. If we don't have it, we'll find it for you.

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Our 24/7 online ordering system makes it easy for you to instantly view our inventory and prices. Simply fill in your shopping cart and submit it. Its that easy.

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personalized. data driven. results.

We are here to help you answer these questions...

  • How much money was saved last year?
  • How often are drugs not purchased on the GPO contract?
  • How often does the wholesaler charge the wrong price?
  • How quickly are you able to get the right product into your pharmacy?
  • How often do you negotiate with third-party suppliers?
  • How frequently – if ever – do you do cost-savings audits or analyses?

Resource Rx LLC works to identify opportunities and produce savings:

  • Analyzes your present policies and procedures,
  • Evaluates your purchasing activities,
  • Reviews current wholesaler/GPO contract linkages,
  • Maximizes rebate opportunities,
  • Reviews your wholesaler and third-party generic programs,
  • Researches cost savings opportunities without sacrificing quality or service,
  • Suggests additional areas we believe will provide cost savings.

If you’re not getting this kind of information, how do you know that you’re not leaving significant money on the table?

Are you thinking of changing your GPO or wholesaler? Ask about the independent analysis and evaluation we can provide to properly assess the financial implications of making a switch. Just one more thing we do for our clients. And for much less than you’d think.

After all, our business is to save you money.

Contact us today and find out how you can be the next great success story.



Utilizing Resource Rx is like hiring another buyer, at no cost to the pharmacy.

Our partner pharmacies realize there is value in numbers. We’ve developed strategic relationships with suppliers and continue to do so, negotiating on behalf of our partner pharmacies, all of whom enjoy the discounts available through our Generic & Sole Source programs.

Partnering with Resource Rx means you’ll receive all the discounts that other Resource Rx members receive and the pharmacy never pays a fee to access the program.  

The best part is how easy it is. Your purchasing process remains the same, even if the pharmacy utilizes SureCost. We do all the work. All you do is save money. Lots of it!

If you’re not taking advantage of our Generic & Sole Source purchasing programs, contact us today to learn how easy it is to start saving thousands of dollars. Enroll by downloading and faxing back our simple Application. [PDF]

Once approved, you’ll start saving money in days!         

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register. order. save.

Our online ordering system provides you with the most recent, up to the minute pricing and inventory. Sign up is free and easy:

1. Download and Fill in an Application.

2. Email the application or fax it to

1 (877)-636-8115

3. Create your online account.

4. Login and begin saving.


Working together to save you money.


Optimizing processes through better business intelligence

Surecost provides comparative purchasing and automated inventory management. Surecost provides a single interface to order from multiple vendors. Their automated inventory system checks ordering behavior to replenish orders seamlessly. The automated inventory system also helps you track inventory for better control.

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Hire Heroes

Integrity. Innovation. Compassion. Confidence. Commitment.

Hire Heroes USA is dedicated to creating job opportunities for US military veterans and their spouses through personalized employment training and corporate engagement.
As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, Hire Heroes’ services are provided at no cost to the veteran.

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The Right Choice, Right Now

Veridikal is a company focused on audit and recovery services in Healthcare including Federal and State Government, and Pharmacy Business Sectors. Veridikal provides services to both providers and businesses with unique approaches and solution sets that fit your needs.

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Innovative pharmacy software solutions

Integra solutions provides software that powers the healthcare industry. Logix, DocuTrack, DeliveryTrack, and Nextra provide end to end solutions for workflow management, document management, delivery management, and pharmacy management respectively.

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experience. commitment. caring.

a veteran owned business

Resource Rx was founded by Walt Searcey as a response to what he saw as a glaring need in the marketplace. Independent retail and long-term care pharmacies, limited in the sell side of the profit equation, are often losing money – unknowingly – to the procurement and payer side. Through burdensome paperwork, unforgiving suppliers, inaccurate billing, less-than-advantageous negotiations with wholesalers, and other purchasing and operational inefficiencies, many pharmacies are leaving thousands of dollars on the table.
Resource Rx is committed to turning that around.


Carrie has over a decade working in sales and technology for one of the largest IT companies in the world. She is extremely organized, yet very artistic. Carrie is technically savvy, but has a knack for identifying business needs and developing solutions. Carrie's passion can be summed up in 3 words: Camera, Kids, and Colt. If your pharmacy is in Ohio, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, or Tennessee, Carrie is the consultant for you.

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Walt has three decades of experience in sole source and generic pharmaceuticals, working with names like VHA, MHA, and MedAssets, experience includes wholesaler negotiations and contracting with ABC, Cardinal, and others and his expertise extends to generic sourcing from specialty wholesalers and manufacturers, as well as pharmaceutical purchasing and inventory management.

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Maggie brings with her over a decade of sales and sales management. Her years in sales management have provided a unique eye for identifying trends in purchasing and ordering, streamlining operations, and negotiating the best deals. In her free time, Maggie loves to work out and spend time with her kids. If your Pharmacy is in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Washington, New Jersey, New York, or Virginia, Maggie is the consultant for you.

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