Comparative Purchasing: SureCost allows you to purchase from your vendors through your own SureCost website. We receive no payment from the vendor orders. We receive daily catalog updates from your vendors and SureCost determines the best item and vendor for you to buy. If you didn't order the best item, you will be guided to it. If items are unavailable, you are guided to suitable alternatives. Then the items are split by vendor and the orders are sent to them.

Automated Inventory Management: SureCost’s AIM system includes:

Tracking inventory from the corporation and pharmacy levels down to automation equipment for better control
Creating replenishment orders seamlessly (Perpetual Inventory)
Taking full and/or cycle inventory counts to keep levels accurate
Transferring product between departments and pharmacies to audit movement and reduce waste
Reporting excessive inventory and inventory utilization
Comparing dispensing verses purchases to improve billing accuracy and uncover diversion issues
Recording received inventory for automated invoice auditing and inventory accuracy
Uniquely optimizing the replenishment orders